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The anatomy of a

Cesarean Section

If you've ever wanted to dive deeper into the anatomy of a Cesarean Section, this is the class for you! We offer a hands on course that is open to professional providers, students, patients and their families. You'll get the chance to build a body and then use it to learn how we perform one of the most common surgeries in the world. 

This class is for the strong and the faint of heart. Email me to schedule your class today!

emergency preparedness

wound management

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Ever wonder what you would do in an emergency if you couldn't get to a hospital quickly? For most people that is a scary thought. You can decrease your anxiety by taking an emergency preparedness course that teaches you how to manage wounds. This course will review how to stabilize a traumatic wound until you can get professional help. You will get a chance to practice suturing, dressing changes and more!
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private tutoring

surgical study hall

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Now offering private tutoring for people interested in getting more hands on experience in the field of surgery. I will customize training sessions using simulators to go over areas you'd like to strengthen. The reality is you have to get a lot of hands on experience to fully grasp many of the concepts you're taught in school. This study hall is for professionals, students, and the community. Schedule your session today.
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