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high fidelity simulators


 About Us

The Surgery Studio specializes in the design and manufacturing of customizable medical training simulators. We leverage cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes by enhancing the skills of medical professionals. We believe that surgeons are akin to artists who sculpt with scalpels, and our goal is to create medical training simulators that capture the beauty and artistry of the human body. Our aim is to create a unique intersection of art and science to provide visual and tactile feedback mechanisms that allow surgeons to hone their skills, reduce the learning curve, and increase confidence so they can continue to excel in their art.

It is well known that highly qualified providers result in better outcomes for patients. In addition, they increase efficiency, decrease cost, and generate revenue. Our simulators offer invaluable learning opportunities in this cycle for success and should be used for career long training.

Our founder and lead artist is a participating surgical clinician with years of experience in the field. With firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of surgery, she uses her expertise to sculpt and develop each simulator to closely resemble human tissue layers and capture the handling techniques encountered during live surgery. This enables us to create state-of-the-art, highly realistic models that mimic the complexities of real tissue, ultimately providing medical professionals with an unparalleled training experience.




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Our custom-designed simulators are suitable for a wide range of users which include: clinicians, students of all levels, medical device companies, product developers, engineering groups, and media production companies. We build each model to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that our simulators are tailored to their unique requirements.

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11625 Custer Rd Ste 110-101, Frisco Texas 75035

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