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Our goal is to fix healthcare. 

We plan to build an army of consumers who are comfortable navigating within the healthcare system, confident when making informed choices, and courageous enough to advocate for themselves and those they care about.


We want to engage in discussions that will enhance knowledge and understanding between providers and the community, so we have designed The Surgery Studio to be a safe space to learn. 


Our roadmap to change how healthcare is delivered begins with listening to one another, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and collaborating to develop solutions that work. 


We hope to provide content that is relevant, engaging, & understandable. Our class instructors will be diverse in training and background because we know that experts aren't always the ones holding medical degrees. 

Relax, take a class, plan to have fun, learn something new, and discover the role you were meant to play in designing a system that delivers access to quality care, anywhere.

Jacquetta Jackson, LSA

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"This was the most fun I've ever had learning anatomy!"