The Surgery Studio

A Healthcare Co-Working Space for interdisciplinary training and collaboration

Here are the basics

The Surgery Studio will provide fun, innovative teaching tools to professional healthcare providers. This members only club will be rich with supportive services to compliment the successful "Work, Live, Play" motto

Simulation Training

Our goal is to decrease the number of patients being used as practice dummies through the use of high fidelity simulators                      

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Training Variety

A creative mix of educational tools will ensure each member has fun training. Why should learning feel like work?

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Work/Life: Balanced

How do you convince a busy provider to commit to devoting more time away from their family? You don't. Find out how.

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What we believe

"Amateurs practice till they get it right; professionals practice till they can't get it wrong." -KennethVanBarthold

The Studio Advantage

Equips providers to deliver high quality care,

no matter where

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Pre-selling Memberships

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