Learn how to scrub, circulate, or assist during a cesarean section in a hands on class unlike any you've ever taken. Students will engage in a curriculum that compliments all learning styles.


See what students can learn in our 5 day certification course.

Day 1: Maternal Anatomy & Physiology

Our first class will focus on building a female training model that will include organs, nerves, muscles, ligaments and much more. Review of normal anatomy will provide students with the the proper foundation needed to advance through future classes.

Day 3: Tools of the trade

We will spend this class going over an In depth review of all the standard surgical instruments, supplies, typical room setups, patient positioning, medications used, & necessary surgical team members that are required to safely perform a a cesarean section. Students will get hands on experience using instruments, and learn substitutions when some things may be unavailable.

Day 5: Game day!

Todays class will focus on putting all the concepts together and practicing the execution from start to finish, including room setup and breakdown. Students will be able to rely on one another, and any learning resources they may have on hand. 


Time will be allotted for a questions and answers session, debriefing, and final wrap up.

Day 2: Neonatal Anatomy & Physiology 

In this class we will work on the assembly of the full term infant into the uterus. We will review of  abnormal pathologies that lead to surgical intervention. Students will learn the rationale that will help them anticipate what to prepare in advance of the scheduled & unscheduled Cesarean Section.

Day 4: Practice, Play, Repeat.

Students will finally run through a complete setup of the operating room, including the sterile field. They will get a chance to practice performing the procedure on the anatomical training models they built during the first two classes. Random role assignments will be given to ensure each student understands the overall goals, and what responsibilities are held by  whom. 

On Demand Refresher Course

Following completion of certification, students will have unlimited access to an on demand refresher course. Our goal is to keep students confident in their skill set so when they are called to perform in any role they feel prepared, not scared.