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Terms & Conditions

We are a new company and learning as we grow. Check back periodically to see what changes we've made to our terms and conditions. 



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Terms & Conditions

I've developed this platform with the primary goal of providing resources providers can access on demand for training purposes. We as a member community will do our best to maintain up to date, accurate information. Similar to the wikipedia platform, since it is a community lead resource library, some information may be inaccurate. 


For surgeon preference cards authored and maintained by the Surgeon and his or her team, you can confidently rely on the information. Those cards have limits on who can make edits to them. The cards authored and maintained by the community may have inaccuracies because we haven't had it verified by the Surgeon. 

Preference cards authored by the Surgeon will have a badge verifying it's content has been reviewed and accepted to be complete and accurate.

We cannot be held liable for the content found on this website. It is here for training purposes only. Always refer back to facility guidelines and Physician orders to determine how you deliver patient care. 


Content within these preference cards are not to be misconstrued as verbal or standing orders.


Check back later for more updates to our terms & conditions, eventually we will probably have to be official and use legaleze to confuse everyone :-)

Updated 9/24/2022

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