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Lesson two - Skeletal

Click here to get the Teachers Guide to course material 

Skeletal System

In this lesson you will get a chance to learn about the function of the skeletal system. In addition we will review the essential elements needed for it to function properly, and what happens when things break down.

Teachers guide

This section will include a brief overview, list of apps, videos, and items needed to complete this lesson.

System Overview

The System Overview will give you an in depth explanation of the body system. Included in this you will find terms that are unfamiliar. Decide which terms you want your student to define. Use the apps, videos, and downloads as well as google searches to help you gain a better understanding of the topic.

Life's essentials

The Life's essentials section reviews all necessary elements needed for this body system to work properly

Food is medicine

Food is Medicine will take the essential elements you learned about and tie it into foods that contain these elements. 


Balance will take a deeper dive into the essential elements and how they show up on laboratory tests. Use this section to find out what lab values healthcare providers look for when determining health and well being. Break down what is considered a normal lab value verse abnormal. You do not have to include every single element in this section, just choose a few for your student to learn about.

Circle of Life

In the Circle of Life we talk about what happens when a person dies. How the body reacts to the decomposition process and how those elements are recycled back into nature to be used again.


The Diseases section will give you an overview of the most common diseases diagnosed  for the body system we are working on. Ideally, you will refer back to your family tree and focus your lessons on diseases that run in your family. The goal is to get your student invested in learning more about the struggles of those they know and love. This will also prepare them to make healthy lifestyle choices if possible to avoid getting diseases they may be genetically predisposed to. 


 If none of these diseases have affected your family feel free to choose any that seem interesting. 

Gods Word

God's word will have suggested bible verses to read where the body system of focus may be spoken of. Choose verses for your student to read and journal about. If you come across more verses please share them with the community!

Builders Workshop

The Builders Workshop will give you instructions for the hands on portion of class. Each week you will be given a set of instructions along with a supply list and a video tutorial. 

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