Covid-19 and Vaccines

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Reviewing the literature to understanding the science

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Covid-19 has changed all of our lives, but how many people truly understand how to "Follow the science" surrounding the novel coronavirus? It's time to go back to biology class and get a refresher on the mechanisms of action during infections. Gain a better understanding of: Stages of Covid 19 infection Types of Immunity Types of Testing Vaccines Current Treatment Standards Understanding VAERS Do masks really work? Alternative treatments being used globally Avoiding the hospital at all costs Long Haulers syndrome-what it is, and how to treat it Science only works when we are free to ask questions, test hypothesis, & exchange ideas in collaboration with others. All opinions are welcome, & we encourage a robust scientific debate in order to get back to the heart of discovery, innovation, truth, and exciting breakthroughs.  Our goal is to maintain a safe environment to share ideas, ask questions, and recognize patterns that may help advance the conversation being had without censorship. We will make clear distinctions between objective and subjective data, and apply the scientific method whenever possible. Due to the nature of this topic, these will be private events. We want all attendees to freely express their ideas and concerns without fear. Be open to learn challenging concepts, & discover alternative ways of viewing the data. Regaining control of our perspective will help us make rationale choices with informed consent moving forward.

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